What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition looks at the whole individual, their dietary and supplement intake as well as health history and lifestyle. Focus is placed on addressing food intake as well as assessing the effects that external factors have on the body, including environmental, emotional and physical stressors.

Emphasis is placed on eating natural, alive and whole foods, as well as implementing necessary lifestyle modifications and educating about the process of digestion and cleansing to assist the body’s natural intelligence to repair itself. By making conscious food choices, it can help to prevent long-term health problems and illness.

Benefits of Holistic Nutrition:

  • Sustainable weight loss without restriction or  deprivation
  • Reduce cravings
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Increase energy during the day
  • Repair digestive complaints
  • Stabilize moods
  • Balance hormones
  • Increase confidence because you know how to fuel your body

Claire’s Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Programs are a fit for you if:

  • You stick to healthy eating during the week but seem to fall off on the weekends.
  • You can’t get control over your cravings (cheese, bread, alcohol, chocolate, fatty meats and salt)
  • You are still unsure which specific foods are right for you.
  • You don’t have constant levels of energy and know that you should be feeling much better.
  • You can’t seem to lose weight no matter how hard you try, and are tired of yo-yo dieting.
  • You want to up-level your health and take control over the aging process.
  • You have food sensitivities and aren’t sure which foods you should be eating and which ones to stay away from.
  • You feel “too far gone” and don’t know where to start.

Questions? If you’ve got any questions and want to re-commit to your goals, let’s get on a call together for a 30-minute “get to know me call”, 100% complimentary. Schedule your call by contacting me today.