Philosophy and Approach

Food is the most important ingredient in determining the state of our health. Our overall well-being depends on the food choices we make daily. It is a very personal matter, and we all have a different relationship with food and what we choose to eat. Certain habits that we have created can be related to the relationship we have developed with food. It is equally important to recognize that our emotional and mental state play a role in the foods we choose to eat, how we eat them and the impact it has on digestion, our overall health and well-being, and the environment.

At Imprint we are ethusiastic about counseling and educating clients on their own individual journey towards health, and guiding each person in deepening their awareness to integrate conscious food choices through food transitioning and making dietary changes by implementing a whole foods diet.

By using food as medicine as a means to deliver proper nutrients that fuel and nourish the body, in combination with understanding the physical and emotional connection to food, as well as implementing lifestyle recommendations that include activity, balance, and relaxation, this will allow each client to experience positive, lifelong changes to feel empowered and confident to achieve optimal health.