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Imprint Pilates on e-talk

As a segment for e-talk's 5 days, 5 hosts, 5 workouts, Anita had the pleasure of taking Tanya Kim through a workout.

Have a look at the workout Anita gave Tanya on Youtube!

One On One Interview with Anita Ivic, Owner of Imprint Pilates meets Anita Ivic, the enthusiastic owner of Imprint Pilates located on Spadina just South of Adelaide. Anita opened the doors to her studio to us with open arms and a warm smile. We attempted to coordinate our hectic schedules for some time and thankfully we were finally able to get together to experience a one-on-one with Anita. Not only did we experience a private session with Anita, which included time on the reformer (a personal favourite of mine), but we were also exposed to the sheer passion she has for her business. read more...

Pilates and your Personal Best

I was recently asked by a Marathon Coach (Marathon Dynamics) how Pilates can help his athletes achieve their personal bests. Whether you're a walker, jogger, full marathon runner, a triathlete, a tennis player, or just your average exerciser, achieving your Personal Best is the ultimate goal. No matter how well prepared people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own (The New Yorker- Atul Gawande). Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, while core conditioning, and also enhance mental awareness in order to support efficient movement. Incorporating Pilates as strength training into your program can help you achieve your personal best. read more...

Best Health Magazine - Imprint Pilates & Tanya Kim

Tanya Kim, anchor of CTV entertainment show etalk, could use many excuses to skip exercise, especially her insane hours including covering the Oscars. Click here to see the article about six essential Pilates exercises and how Tanya is getting Strong from the Inside. Best Health Magazine - 6 essential Pilates exercises

Benefits of Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are a great way to improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and can help to prevent injuries and correct posture by working out the tight spots. read more... Available at imprint for $50, just ask your instructor or practitioner.

Build a Beautiful back with Pilates

No matter what your day looks like, we know one things for sure, a strong back is essential for every activity you tackle. When it comes to building a beautiful back with Pilates, it’s important to understand the basic elements of this form of exercise. read more...