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Imprint Pilates

Located in downtown Toronto, our focus is Private, one-on-one Pilates and Yoga training.

Imprint Pilates practitioners specialize in providing challenging yet safe exercise programs customized to suit your fitness and wellness goals. Our expertise lies in developing fitness programs in pre & postnatal, injury prevention, rehabilitation, pain management, muscle activation, posture re-education, physical therapy and athletic training.


Working out at Imprint Pilates has been one of the best values that I’ve ever discovered. In the course of one hour, and less money than I could have imagined I get a workout that not only makes me stronger for my sport but also works to minimize an injuries that are inevitable for an athlete in her late 40’s. Not that anyone could guess I was in my late 40’s because Pilates also keeps me youthful. Anita is fantastic as an instructor and clearly inspiring and motivating as a business owner. All her staff are up to the high standard that she has set. And, it’s such a fun atmosphere.


I started Pilates as part of my four year weight loss/health transformation journey. It has made a huge difference in my strength, balance and has shaped my body to an extent I never expected! Pilates is now a regular part of my week. I am grateful for the training and the confidence it has given me. Anita is a fantastic instructor, she is creative, supportive and has varied workouts – she is the best!

Barbara Kingstone

For over 20 years I have been a Pilates devoteee. Obviously, I have had several trainers and venues during that time. But only when I started at Imprintpilates, did I realize the difference of professionalism and knowledge. Even though I have to leave the house, in the freezing cold of winter or the extremely hot mornings in summer, for my very early session, I wouldn’t think of missing my private class. Imprintpilates has become a major part of my lifestyle and that’s completely due to the concern and knowledge of Anita, my trainer for the past 7 years.

Ingrid Anderson

I’ve been attending weekly Pilates sessions with Anita Ivic at Imprint Pilates for just over two years. I keep coming back for many reasons. First, I truly believe that a healthy body is vital to overall physical and mental health that is long standing. I find Pilates challenging, which is the whole point! Having a personal trainer insures that I do the work, and do it properly. Anita’s a great trainer in that she varies the work we do, and is always ready to address anything that I particularly want to focus on. I know that my personal fitness level has improved a great deal in the past two years. Imprint Pilates itself is a great studio. It’s intimate, organized and clean with a positive, warm atmosphere. Due to my work hours I am lucky enough to come by in the afternoons … and quite often have the studio to myself. Even when there are others in the room though, it never feels crowded or like I’ll get lost in the shuffle. It’s just not that type of place. Imprint Pilates was recommended to me by a friend a couple of years ago and I feel totally comfortable passing the recommendation on to any new clients!

One On One Interview with Anita Ivic, Owner of Imprint Pilates meets Anita Ivic, the enthusiastic owner of Imprint Pilates located on Spadina just South of Adelaide. Anita opened the doors to her studio to us with open arms and a warm smile. We attempted to coordinate our hectic schedules for some time and thankfully we were finally able to get together to experience a one-on-one with Anita. Not only did we experience a private session with Anita, which included time on the reformer (a personal favourite of mine), but we were also exposed to the sheer passion she has for her business. read more…

Pilates and your Personal Best

I was recently asked by a Marathon Coach (Marathon Dynamics) how Pilates can help his athletes achieve their personal bests. Whether you’re a walker, jogger, full marathon runner, a triathlete, a tennis player, or just your average exerciser, achieving your Personal Best is the ultimate goal. No matter how well prepared people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own (The New Yorker- Atul Gawande). Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, while core conditioning, and also enhance mental awareness in order to support efficient movement. Incorporating Pilates as strength training into your program can help you achieve your personal best. read more…