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Decoding an Ancient Therapy

Acupuncture has long baffled medical experts and no wonder: It holds that an invisible life force called qi (pronounced chee) travels up and down the body in 14 meridians. Illness and pain are due to blockages and imbalances in qi. Inserting thin needles into the body at precise points can unblock the meridians, practitioners believe, and treat everything from arthritis and asthma to anxiety, acne and infertility.

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Need help quitting smoking? The Breakdown to Breaking Free From Smoking.

nosmoking The ear is a micro-system of the body, the specific points trigger neurological and endocrine functionality addressing withdrawal, cravings, stress syndromes and relapse prevention. Acupuncture is proven effective for smoking cessation based on the National Acupuncture and Detox Association's Acudetox (NADA, auricular 5 point protocol. It is referred as a detox treatment or chemical dependency treatment and all it takes is the desire to quit. The first weeks are the hardest. That is why I've tailored a 6-week program that includes the NADA protocol, literature to dietary & herbal recommendations. For more details or to book call 416 554 0345, or e mail Kriss

Looking for a natural approach to reduce the signs of aging?

Imprint Acupuncture is now offering :::SKIN DEEP & Beyond::: Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture. Benefits include increasing collagen, circulation & muscle tone, tightens pores and brightens eyes, eliminates fine lines. To book call 416 554 0345, or e mail Kriss