Consisting of acupuncture, herbs and bodywork (tu-ina massage, gu- sha, cupping) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used effectively for over 4000 years. Many people have found Traditional Chinese methods of healing to be excellent tools for maintaining optimum health and preventing illness.


Acupuncture is used as a method to prevent disease as it re-balances energy within body. The Qi (ch-ee), a life-giving energy, flows to every cell, tissue, muscle and organ through meridian pathways mapped within the body. An obstruction in your meridian system can be caused by an injury or trauma, lack of movement, dietary intake to over indulgencies.


Cupping involves the application of glass cups, which adhere to the body by the use of heat. You do not feel the heat, but you will feel the cup on the skin. The cups are used over certain acupuncture points and/or over areas of pain. The idea is that stagnation by lack of circulation in the muscles and body tissues will lead to pain and other illnesses. Cupping improves the circulation in these areas.