About Yoga


Imprint Yoga provides small intimate classes in our beautifully warm and sunlit studio. At Imprint we encourage you to experience your personal asana (posture) practice and yoga philosophy at your own pace, to suit your individual growth and evolution. We are dedicated to providing clear and detailed instruction, and to support your journey, whether you are a beginner or well seasoned practitioner.

At Imprint, we also provide a variety of other services including Private and semi-Private Pilates, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Holistic Nutrition.

about yoga


The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, meaning to “yoke” or “bind”. It is interpreted in English as “union” or “joining” all aspects of ourselves. The practice of yoga then, is a life-long study and discipline of self-practice and contemplation experienced through “asana”, which are the physical postures, and “meditation”, which is the quiet, and internal practice of the observances of the mind. By practicing asana and meditation we deeply connect and unite all individual parts of ourselves as a whole, to bring happiness, peace and calm to our whole being.


It is believed that the Indian sage Patanjali was the first to have realized the practice of yoga and he documented the yoga aphorisms thousands of years ago in what is known as the Yoga Sutra’s. It is a philosophical guide of 196 verses divided into 4 chapters that contain the knowledge and instruction to help explain and bring understanding to the principles and practices of the art and science of yoga and meditation. Outlined in the Sutra’a are the eight limbs of yoga: Yamas (restraints), Niyamas (observances), Asana(poses), Pranayama(Breathing), Pratyahara ( withdrawal of senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (Enlightenment). Today’s yoga practices mainly focus on the third limb, asana, which are the physical poses that purify the body, and the seventh limb, Dhyana, which is the quiet practice of meditation. Practicing consistently has proven to help mental calmness and stress reduction in our daily lives.

new to yoga?

About Yoga

Yes, yoga is for you! Many believe that they must be very flexible or strong to begin a yoga practice, but yoga is for everyone at any stage! Some of the benefits of yoga are to help improve flexibility, strength and reduce stress and anxiety. We encourage and welcome you to come just as you are and our yoga teachers will help guide you along your journey to new-found health and well-being.

How often should I do yoga?

Yoga is as deep as you want it to be. You will reap the benefits of yoga even if you only practice once per week. To embark on a journey of deeper growth and transformation, practicing several times per week will help you create lasting changes in your life. After some time, you will naturally feel that your practice increases. Most importantly, take great care to listen to your body and how it feels and that will help guide you to establish your weekly regime.

Benefits of Yoga

Today we are faced with over-active minds as a result of excess external stimulation and the stress and pressures of day to day living. Yoga assists us to turn our attention internally to reflect and bring discipline and focus to our lives.

Some other benefit of yoga include:


Physical Benefits

  • Strength and endurance
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Muscle tone
  • Pain Prevention and Management
  • Improved Breathing
  • Increased energy and vitality

Mental Benefit

  • Mental calmness and clarity
  • Stress reduction
  • Body awareness
  • Increased self confidence
  • Focus
  • Happiness and sense of well-being

studio etiquette

Guidelines for new and experienced practitioners:

  • Arrive ten to fifteen minutes before class to settle in on your mat
  • Refrain from eating a heavy meal 2-3 hrs prior to practicing
  • Please remove shoes upon entering the studio
  • Refrain from the use of perfumes and colognes, as some may have sensitivities and allergies
  • Observe silence in change rooms and yoga studio, so students can experience some time to calm the mind reflect before class
  • Remember to turn of all mobile devices to help create calm and serenity
  • Please inform your teacher about any injuries, illness or limitation, prior to class to ensure a safe practice
  • Wear comfortable dri-fit clothing and to allow the body to move freely and wick sweat
  • Water is the only liquid allowed in the yoga studio
  • Be kind and patient with yourself as the process and journey of yoga unfolds

Additional Guidelines

Change rooms
Our change rooms are equipped with storage for you to leave your clothes and personal belongings. Once class has begun the front studio door will be locked to ensure safety.

Our studio is fully equipped with mats and props. You are welcome to bring your own mat and we recommend that you bring your own towel and bottle of water.

Comfortable clothing that is not too loose on the body, so that the teacher can more easily observe your posture in poses. Leggings, shorts, t-shirts, and tanks are best for comfort and ease of movement through the poses.

Please inform your instructor of any injuries, restrictions, or illnesses so that the instructor you through a healing and safe practice.

We allow late attendees to enter class 5 min late and not beyond this time as it can be disruptive to the calm and focused class environment. If you are late please wait to enter the class until after any chanting or invocations. Enter quietly as you set up your mat and props.